Side Seam Pocket Black Tank Slim Fit Dress. French terry tank dress lining with raw cut trim. If you feel uncomfortable with your tummy or hips, there are many support garments that will smooth your middle, making dressing less traumatic. If you are choosing separates, try a loose top with fitted pants or a top that flares right under the bust. Dresses and tops that gather, ruche, or wrap at the middle can camouflage problem areas.

Side Seam Pocket Dark Tank Dress

Tank ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Modal Interlock Side Seam Pocket Black

Tank ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo

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Tank Callahan

Tank 525 Slim Fit Tank Pocket Black Dress

Tank 525

Tank n:philanthropy Retro Dress

Black Cat

A description of feminine characteristics often starts with our bodies. Ample breasts, curvy hips, small waist, and a plump backside are part of the female “ideal.” As countless research studies have concluded, men are biologically driven to respond to the small waist-to-hip ratio of an hourglass figure. This magical ratio indicates that a female has the high levels of estrogen, fertility, and health that will make her the perfect partner for the male who wants to pass his genes to the next generation.

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Tank Enza Costa Silk Rib Detached Mockneck Sleeveless Midi Dress

Enza Costa

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Enza Costa

Throughout the millennia, female power has often been dependent on women’s ability to bring offspring into the world, which depends in turn on the youthfulness of their bodies. As women age, their reproductive capacity disappears along with the markers of fertility: the magic hourglass ratio, the long, luscious locks, the soft, glowing skin.

How to Maximize Middle of Your Body

Layering with separates adds bulk to the middle. If you want to accentuate curves, try adding a chunky belt or a skinny cinched belt to create the illusion of a smaller waist and larger hips. Flat-front high-waisted pants will accentuate your petite middle.

The Bottom of Your Body

How to Minimize

Make sure your undergarments fit smoothly, creating a seamless look once you put on your clothes. Wear pants that fit the largest part of your hips and rear and fall straight from that point. Make sure that your bottoms are not too loose, as they will conceal the curves of your body. If you feel uncomfortable in pants or fitted skirts, try a flared skirt with a flattering top.

How to Maximize

Avoid pants that sag or hang at the rear. You can wear very fitted styles, but if you would like to add more bulk, try a pleated skirt or wide-leg pants. There are garments with built-in padding in the seat to add curves where you need them.

Placing undue focus, judgment, and dissatisfaction on your body is an unnecessary exercise. The most essential part of you is intangible; your body is nothing more than its container.