How to Control Stress. Each day in the life of your genes begins with stress-control methods. You can choose what works best for you and fits within your personal belief system. Now that you understand that your cells communicate in a harmonious melody, you can help orchestrate the music by sending them messages from your emotions.

How to control your stress, meditation, yoga, tai chi

Spend a few extra minutes after wakening just to become aware of your body. This means checking to see how you feel and being grateful for what your cells were doing during the night. As you slept, they were storing up energy and busily humming away. Hormone levels follow 12-hour patterns and so do levels of peptides and enzymes. Be grateful for the warmth and comfort of your bed and your health. Welcome the new day and think about the positive things that will happen.

If you have chronic pain when you wake in the morning, you can use this time to send messages to the pain centers of your brain to increase your natural opiate-like painkilling endorphins. Work to create a positive image of the health you are building and how you will overcome disability.Take several deep breaths, stretch your limbs, then roll out of bed.

Ancient and modern healing arts share a common practice of correct breathing. Meditation, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, and Pilates teach you the importance of drawing air into your core or lower dantian, or third chakra. This is the area behind your navel, considered the center of energy or fire. Accessing it requires tightening the lower abdominal or “seat belt” muscles and drawing air downward toward your lower spine. As you do this, you will be using the back of your rib cage to fill your lungs with air. Most people deeply inhale by pushing the rib cage out toward the front of their body.

This increases tension on the shoulders. With lower abdominal breathing, the shoulders naturally drop and the collarbone widens. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose and exhale by slowly blowing air out through your slightly open mouth. Purse your lips slightly as if you were blowing the puffy white seeds from a dandelion. Breathe deeply three or four times. Do this deep breathing exercise frequently throughout the day.

Once out of bed, find a comfortable place of solitude to meditate. Meditation has been practiced and perfected as a process for healing and restoring mind/body.All ancient healing methods used meditation as a time to connect with one’s inner being and activate the powerful healing ability of the body. Meditation was developed by traditional healers within the context of prayer, whereas in holistic medicine it is employed as a healing technique independent of one’s spiritual and cultural beliefs.

Most of us, however, find that meditation leads to a natural connection with the universe as we gather energy from the environment around us.