Cotton unlined pull-on womens black dress with adjustable shoulder ties. Our clothing is the physical representation of our perceptions, our dissatisfactions, and our desires. When we look beyond the physical to our internal workings, we can create a change at the core.

Cotton Unlined Pull-on Womens Black Dress

Black Karina Grimaldi Solana Solid Dress

Black Karina Grimaldi

Black retrofete Desreen Sweater Dress

Black retrofete

Black L'Academie the Phila Maxi Dress

Black L’Academie

Black Song of Style Amalia Dress

Black Song of Style

Unlike change that occurs in therapy, these difficult internal examinations are softened by the lightness of the wardrobe makeover. Through this process I have witnessed people who had struggled with certain issues for years finally confront and find closure with them.

Taking care of yourself begins with self-discovery. The clothing you put on your back is an incredibly accurate indicator of what you think of yourself and your life. Cracking open the closet doors can lead to great insight. When you strive toward self-discovery, improvement often follows.

Wearing clothing that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and good about yourself really does make life better. The slightest change in your wardrobe can lead to a domino effect of adventure, discovery, and great memories. That is why I do what I do! It is so wonderful to see something that seems as insignificant as a closet makeover alter self-perception, increase self-awareness, raise self-esteem, create life goals, and encourage the pursuit of a full and well-lived life.

Black Autumn Cashmere Slash One Shoulder Rib Midi Dress

Black Autumn Cashmere

Black L*SPACE Seaview Dress


Black LPA Abrina Dress

Black LPA

Black Cult Gaia Yara Knit Dress

Black Cult Gaia

Swing open your closet door to discover who you are. Get rid of the clothes that don’t speak to the person you have become, put on your best outfit, and walk out the door!

Who hasn’t had a thrilling shopping experience? Running from store to store looking for the perfect dress, shoe, or pair of jeans can be exciting. I remember a visit to Benetton years ago when I found the perfect sheath dress. It fit so well in so many places that “ah ha” moments were happening in the mirror.

That perfect shopping experience did not end in the store. I couldn’t simply buy that spectacular dress in one color, not when it came in three. Sadly, my perfect sheath was not available in my size at the local store, so having convinced myself that I needed more than one of it, I continued the hunting process at home. I called another Benetton store, and then another sold out.

Finally, after scouring nearly every store in small towns all across this great country, I found my dresses. Four hours of calling was well worth the outcome.