Cotton Unlined Black Jersey Pull-on Dress in timeless design midweight knit fabric. Some people like candy, some people like trips, and some people like massages. Nothing makes me feel better than buying a piece of clothing. When we overspend and overbuy, we are often trying to find fulfillment that cannot be achieved through material acquisitions.

Cotton Unlined Black Jersey Pull-on Dress

T-Shirt CITIZEN Tokyo Short Sleeve Mini Jersey Dress in Blue

Black Prism

T-Shirt SR+ Ronny Kobo Joe T Shirt Dress, timeless design midweight knit fabric

T-Shirt SR+ Ronny Kobo

Tank n:philanthropy Bix Dress

Tank n:philanthropy
Black Cat

Tank 525 Multi Wear Halter Dress, timeless design midweight knit fabric

Tank 525

Finally, we shop to fill a deeper hole than whatever gaps there may be in our wardrobes. We may want companionship, security, happiness, fulfillment, distractions, and diversions from ennui. Shopping can help keep us company in our isolated world, soothe painful emotions, and turn us away from what we do not want to face. Our buys offer temporary relief from something that simply won’t go away.

T-Shirt, Tank Womens Party Topwear

Off The Shoulder Theory Eyelet Dress

Off The Shoulder Theory

Strapless 9 Seed Martinique Strapless Dress

Strapless 9 Seed

Sweater DANIELLE GUIZIO DG Oversized Hoodie Dress


Black n:philanthropy Navia Jumpsuit

Black n:philanthropy

If you are alone on a hot Saturday night, you don’t feel as lonely if you are one of 751 people buying a birthstone jewelry set. Eventually, after listening to your favorite shopping network host day in and day out, you feel like you have become friends. In fact, you have become part of the shopping network family.

They send you schedules, flyers, and even birthday cards! You now belong to a friendly club that never judges or requires anything of you, but you somehow always feel obligated to give back and buy.

Overbuying clothing and accessories can often indicate a dissatisfaction we have about ourselves but are unable to resolve internally. When we buy at the mall, we hope these external trappings will fix our dissatisfaction.

Although our new wardrobe pieces may temporarily fix our perceived deficit, this effect is short-lived, and we must soon head to the store for another attempt.