Cotton Elastic Waist Girls Dark Pant with side seam pockets. Some organizations take old clothing and blankets and recycle them for stuffing. Do your research to find those green-friendly places near you. Sometimes animal shelters request donations of fabric from clothing and bedding; there is nothing wasteful about keeping an orphaned animal happy and warm.

If you don’t want to see your clothing find a home too far away from your watchful eye, organize a clothing swap. Just make sure that the clothes you give or receive are in pristine condition, are current, and fit properly.

Cotton Elastic Waist Girls Pockets Pant

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Clothing clutter is a great way to pad your life to absorb the jostling effects of fear fear of not having enough, fear that you might need an item in the future, fear that you will have nothing to wear, fear that if you give it away you will give away part of yourself. Having racks and drawers full of clothing can feel good.

It provides security in a world where often nothing goes as planned. However, when you are able to get past the fear and feel free to give away your clothing, you will find that your fear is imagined and easily conquered. It is in giving that you are freed from fear. Surrender, my friends.

Nostalgia is the nemesis of a clutter-free life. I battle nostalgia every time I clean out a closet. Can you look back on your life and remember what you were wearing when you got your first kiss? When you graduated, learned how to ice skate, or got your first job? These pieces bring you back to former times, but when you can’t let go of them because of those attachments, you are a prisoner of your past.

If you want to move forward, release the past, starting with your closet.

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And finally, there is good old fashioned avoidance. Opening the closet door can feel like entering the mouth of an undefeatable beast, one filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories. Sometimes it seems better to leave the doors closed in hopes that the clutter will go away on its own. You are stronger than this, my friend. Clean your freaking closet.

Avoiding the problem will not make it go away, but mentally dividing your closet into more manageable pieces might do the trick. Start small and end big. If your avoidance goes beyond the physical space and into the emotional realm, you need to clean out the external and the internal places!

Learning to separate ourselves

from our stuff runs completely counter to cultural understandings of identity in this country. We define the very essence of who we are by our trappings. When we give up our ties to our possessions, however, we begin to find out who we really are. The emptiness we try to fill by holding on to our things becomes filled when we are able to part with the very things we think we need. Many spiritual and religious practices include learning to part with possessions as a way to find spiritual enlightenment.

Another option is to take pictures of the items in your wardrobe; photos take up much less room than clothing. Some people may also choose to cut their clothing into small pieces and make a quilt with them. Use your imagination, but keep in mind that the purpose is to free yourself of the unused items in your closet.

If your clothes do not match your lifestyle, you may want to dig further to uncover the reasons why you keep these items. Are you holding on to certain clothes because one day you would like to take up tennis or become a tango dancer? Does that red dress now a playground for dust bunnies signify your burning desire to go on a date with a real man, if such a creature exists? Joking!