Antiviral activity of Oregano oil against the most deadly viruses of the twenty-first century. In addition to its potent actions against bacteria and yeasts, wild oreganium has significant potency against viruses. In most instances, it destroys these pathogens categorically. This is particularly true of the steam-distilled oil.

Antiviral activity of Oregano oil, anti-influenza agent, bird flu

This oil possesses this destructive effect whether used topically or internally. Viruses known to be killed by the oil of wild oregano include herpes viruses, hepatitis viruses, the cold virus, the flu virus, Newcastle virus, and respiratory syncytial virus. According to English investigators, the oil is even capable of inhibiting the growth of HIV/AIDS viruses.
Antivirus activity of  Oregano oil, most deadly viruses of the twenty-first century
Studies proved that the antiviral powers of the wild oil of oregano are exceptional, far exceeding anything in the drug armamentarium. In a study using the original wild Mediterranean brand (Oreganol P73) in an extra virgin olive oil base done by Microbiotest, the oil was found to decimate both cold and flu viruses. This was an in vitro study, meaning it was done inside the cells. In this instance, the viruses were used to infect chicken embryo cells, the latter being incubated at the appropriate temperatures to speed viral growth.

Initially, the human corona virus, a common cause of colds, was evaluated. Per milliliter of material some 5.5 million viruses were detected. After treatment with a small amount, that is .01% of the oil, only a mere 4000 or so viruses were detected. This is a 99.9% kill. What is more, this occurred in a mere 20 min.

A combination of oils of wild oregano and sage, along with cumin and cinnamon oil, desiccated into a powder achieved an even more dramatic effect. Here, in 20 min a 100% kill was achieved. This desiccated spice extract is available in capsule form as a combination of the dried essential oils of wild oregano and sage plus cumin and cinnamon. It is also available as an oil complex emulsified in extra virgin olive oil.

The same was achieved with the flu virus, although this agent proved more resistant. With oil of wild oregano treatment, it took a 1% solution to achieve in 20 min a 99.7% kill. And an even more vigorous kill was achieved by the multiple spice combination. A variant of bird flu was also tested. The bird flu viruses are extremely powerful as well as resistant. Here, for a 99.7% kill a 25% solution of the oil of wild oregano was required.
This antiviral capacity was also confirmed by work done in British Columbia. Here, the antiinfluenza virus activity of a number of oil of oregano preparations was investigated. “All…oregano oils showed significant antiviral activity…” The investigators determined that the extra virgin olive oil, as a carrier, also exhibited antiviral powers.

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As an anti-influenza agent, a number of other investigators have demonstrated similar actions.9 Additionally, Gilling and cohorts have shown that the oil completely inactivates the murine norovirus, acting with its destructive actions “directly on the viral capsid and subsequently on the RNA.” In this regard, it essentially dissolves both the capsid and RNA.

Whether in animals or humans it is in the war against fungal disorders where the wild oregano is exceptional. This is related to the nature of fungal infections. These infections are chronic. They are also deep-seated. In other words, they are well entrenched in the body. Fungi can penetrate virtually any tissue. Here, they cause tissue invasion and thus great inflammation.

This ultimately leads to disease. There is need for a substance, which can be consumed regularly and in relatively large quantities to eradicate such infections. In this regard, wild oregano is supreme. Preliminary studies demonstrate that spice oils obliterate fungi, even from the internal organs and surely from the bloodstream.

This is based largely on studies in test tubes and Petri dishes. Yet, as mentioned previously animal studies have also confirmed this. So have a multitude of human cases